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This is Zulaikha. You are receiving this newsletter because you have been an important part of our work at Empathy Spark. 🙌 We have just completed our six-month journey and we have news for you! 💥

As with any newborn venture, we have had a lot of valuable learning, teething issues, and burping (aha) moments. We took all that in and did what we do best - iterate!

Thanks to all the love we have been getting from you, we have relaunched Empathy Spark with clearer services and goals. We had two priorities while designing our services (ahem, something we also offer now):

  • Do what we want & love to do even if it means that we are addressing a smaller market.
  • Ensure we offer that which we have already delivered on multiple times for multiple cohorts and brought results.

Check out our 12 redefined offers here

We are always in beta mode, striving to add more value. So we would genuinely love to hear from you. You can reply back to me on this email with your thoughts, questions, and opportunities.

With Gratitude, Zulaikha

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