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Last week we had a small celebration at Empathy Spark as we successfully helped our client challenge the biggest roadblock to innovation: assumptions.

A lot of businesses often perceive the needs and behaviors of their customers without validating them. The outcome is a lot of assumptions and bias influencing decision-making & strategic direction. While passive research helps make things work out in bits and pieces, assumptions can cage opportunities and limit us from maximizing the true potential.

Taking assumptions head-on has helped innovators delight customers and create new markets. This is why at Empathy Spark we make ''challenging assumptions'' step zero.

Here is a pro-tip that can help bust assumptions at work.

Listing assumptions puts everything that we have in our mind out in the open. Additionally, it also helps us become more aware of the biases we may have regarding the issue at hand.

Give this a try and let us know how it went. :)

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